Audio Visual

comp_img21In an important boardroom presentation, visuals can make or break the message you are trying to communicate. To get the best visual results for a presentation you need the best audio visual equipment.

Impress your clients and potential new customers with a range of high-tech, yet easy to use audio visual solutions including LCD monitors, digital cameras and projectors, from CDM Computers.


LCD Monitors


Sony’s unique ChromaTRU™ Colour Matching Technology is latest in PC digital LCD monitors. Digital interfaces are offered as optional boards to meet budgetary and user needs. To keep the unit compact, the analogue inputs share the same four BNC connectors, each with loop-through capability. With its high-performance scan converter, it can display PC signals from VGA to SXGA. Sony’s ChromaTRU™ Colour Matching Technology compensates for the chroma/luminance difference of each LCD panel – particularly useful for monitor wall applications.


With Samsung’s range of LCD monitors, you can experience multifunctional performance via entertainment features such as TV tuner, high quality speakers and superior image. Enjoy TV programs without a PC in any area.

Samsung’s products have an enriched colour expression and impressive image quality. They are driven by a colour enhancement engine, fast response time and supreme clarity, combined with a convenient rotation angle. It is the ultimate monitor for every professional with a sophisticated, ultra narrow design. The slim bezel, emulating a modern, sleek appearance, produces a slimmer, wider screen.


LG’s range of f-ENGINE technology monitor features the first LCD picture-enhancing chip to provide not only astounding colour, but superb contrast and image quality.

The clean line and sophistication of the circular stand, streamlined backside and ergonomic design is a style to satisfy the unique criteria of the young generation.


All ViewSonic LCD displays deliver exceptional price/performance combinations to enhance your desktop while staying within budget. Style, ease of use and elite technology unite to produce an unforgettable audiovisual experience.

Quality ViewMate accessories such as multifunctional keyboards, optical mice, satellite speakers, TV/video processors, mounting kits and docks will suit your unique tastes and facilitate a rewarding computing experience.

Their slim panels and award-winning performance provide brilliant images and crisp text for all your viewing needs.


Digital Cameras


Powerful and affordable, the Sony digital cameras have the durability required by professionals on the go. They produce top quality images that are brilliant, sharp and offer good contrast as well as controlled distortion. The range has high quality processors that provide precise digital signal processing, high speed camera start-up and shutter speed, and a reduction in consumption.

Using Sony’s groundbreaking RIMP technology and expertise in streamlined camera design, battery life has been maximized without compromising on size.

Accessories: Accessory kit, carry cases, batteries, cradles, housings, lenses and filters, power adapters/charges, tripods and adaptors, video lights and flashes, LCD protector.


Samsung’s range of versatile digital cameras allows you to take stunning, vivid photos. Samsung’s sleek digital cameras feature a variety of shooting modes, photo effects and a powerful zoom for excellent, high quality images at close range. The movie stabilizer mode reduces camera shake when shooting for improved video quality.

With edit and effect features built into the range of quality digital cameras, you can touch-up your photos without the hassle of transferring your images to a computer. Use the quick-print button to print your frame-worthy photos when using a compatible printer.


Kodak digital cameras are straightforward to use with simple to access features, so getting your best shot is as easy as point and shoot. Select from a variety of easy to use printing options, including the One Touch to Better Pictures feature, which automatically adjusts inkjet printer settings to make Kodak quality photos when using Kodak inkjet photo papers. The Kodak camera instantly uploads pictures to your computer for viewing, printing, and e-mailing.

Available accessories on Kodak photos include:

Printers & Camera Docks – Create real Kodak borderless prints, transfer pictures to your PC, and recharge your camera’s battery.
Memory & Card Readers – Expand your picture-taking possibilities with Kodak Memory Cards and Card Readers.
Batteries & Chargers – Keep your camera powered and ready to take pictures with Kodak Batteries and Chargers.
AC Adapters – Extend the battery life of your camera when transferring or viewing your pictures.
Picture Viewer -Share and relive your most treasured memories.
Wireless – Wireless products designed to enhance your Kodak EasyShare experience.
Flash & Optics – Get creative with our P20 flash and high-quality lenses and adapters.
Accessory Kits – Accessorize your digital camera for your entire photo needs – travelling, picture-taking and printing.
Photography Gear – Keep your camera safe and secure with Kodak bags and cables for connecting to your television or computer.


Canon’s high quality, easy-to-use digital cameras are packed with style and quality. Their compact and simple to use design combines the best of traditional and digital photographic technology. Shoot, view, print, and share photos – instantly.

If you have the need to capture high quality images for transmission, digital image editing, archiving, or reproduction, a Canon camera is the ideal tool to improve your workflow or simply for just taking great pictures.


Digital Projectors


Sony offers affordable high quality projectors for small to medium businesses and reliable large screen projectors for the demanding user. They feature excellent light output and can include a variable optical path and 3D Gamma, exclusively developed by Sony, which ensures uniformity of colour and brightness across the whole screen


With Samsung’s range of digital projectors, you can enjoy free-to-air television in high definition (HD), along with sharper pictures, clearer sound, and wide screens. Award winning tuning technology make Samsung’s digital projectors a must-have component in any HDTV system.


ViewSonic digital projectors generate high-contrast and saturated, high-quality colour images within a shorter distance and smaller footprint. They are ideal for professional people who need to make great presentations with maximum mobility.