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A dynamic network makes all the difference

A new kind of network makes all the difference

In today's connected world, your networks are key to business performance. But they have to keep pace with a constantly changing environment. All too often, network technologies restrict business initiatives rather than support them. More than ever, it's essential to integrate your network strategy with your business strategy.

A new kind of network will help you thrive in a dynamic market. It gives you the ability to adapt in real time, helping to give your business the freedom to grow and succeed in today’s fast-changing marketplace.

Whether you want to jump on opportunities, reach new markets or use resources more efficiently, Telstra’s new kind of network can make it happen.

Optimise your network and application performances

Improve your business operations and maximise your network performance to increase productivity. Have greater visibility into your network and application performance, scale bandwidth for short-term peaks, and deploy new capabilities quickly and easily.

  • Networks that are application-aware with Dynamic Class of Service and Quality of Service
  • World-leading tools and deep packet inspection technology
  • Agile network provisioning to deploy applications to users with the performance they need

Simplify with one provider

  • Enjoy the convenience and responsiveness of a single, trusted partner. Simplify and reduce risk with one solution for connectivity, managed network services, security plus cloud, unified communications, mobility and video conferencing.
  • End-to-end assurance from a single source of expertise
  • Access to global partners for specific services and technologies
  • International recognition and awards for customer service and support