Whether you need a high-tech, powerful machine that becomes your office away from the office, or a simple yet fast laptop for presentations and meetings, CDM has the right model for you.



HP provides the most versatile computing experience available. Our notebooks have the unique combination of great communication features and home theatre-like sound and pictures, combining digital entertainment with powerful mobile computing and innovative, easy-to-use technology to engage and entertain your business colleagues and customers.

HP further offers a wide range of exciting features, such as an optional BrightView for greater colour contrast and the glossy look of a TV screen.



Until recently, we were a storied part of Toshiba, responsible for over 30 world firsts, triggering the mobile computing revolution and achieving global market leadership. In 2018, retaining our people, process, vision and culture, we moved to new ownership.

To reflect this, we’ve transitioned to the Dynabook name around the world, a name that reflects our heritage and achievements. Now, backed by new investment, we will continue to serve our customers in business, government and education by developing mobile computers that set the standard for innovation, quality and reliability.



Dell helps you get the ultimate field productivity, with rugged laptops and tablets built for performance and connectivity. Unparalleled immersion pairs with one-of-a-kind gaming technology. Purpose-built, durable, education-ready laptops.


Think Book combines the style and user experience of consumer devices with the security and business class support of ThinkPad. ThinkPad the ultimate device for any mobile worker or executive, ThinkPad X1 Series combines the latest productivity and security technologies with sleek and lightweight designs. This first-of-its-kind device supports every working style. Use it as a laptop with the keyboard or pen for routine office tasks, or use it like a book for single or dual screen browsing. Open it fully for use as a tablet or display



Change how you work and play. Explore Samsung’s Slim, stylish and sophisticated range of tablets and mobile PC. You can create and work from anywhere.